Realization of the Project 152/07/13

Realization of the Project 152/07/13 / Realizacja Projektu 152/07/13

Realizacja Projektu 152/07/13 Konkurs 1/MFEOG NMF/PL07/2013:

„Wsparcie osób starszych i niesamodzielnych poprzez rozbudowę pionu rehabilitacji i zakup sprzętu medycznego w Szpitalu Powiatowym w Chodzieży”  dofinansowany z funduszy Mechanizmu Finansowego EOG i Norweskiego Mechanizmu Finansowego

The Beneficiary realized  a Project co-financed from the funds of the EAA and  the Norwegian Financial fund. Within the Project, the following actions were realized: management, information and promotion, reserve, trainings, supply and installation of medical equipment, programs and activities with patients as well as building works. For the proper Project  management,  a managing team  was appointed, which realized the following tasks: monitoring of expenses, control and supervision over the remaining actions, monitoring of  indexes, evaluation,  information and promotion, reserve management, organization and supervision over trainings, planning expenses,  realization  of public procurements as well as supervision and monitoring of the realized investment. Within the information and promotion action, the following tasks were realized:  information and commemorative plaques were placed, a web site was established for the Project, two pieces of press information were prepared, letters with information were sent to interested parties, promotion  leaflets were prepared, stickers promoting the Project were placed on the purchased medical equipment, a promotion  movie on the Project was prepared. Three events  took place: a press conference at the start of the Project, an  information seminar, as well as a ceremony of opening.  The hospital participated  in a feast and a harvest festival. 6 meetings with  seniors from the chodzieski poviat were held. Also promotional materials were prepared: banners, posters, pens and pendrives. Within the reserve, 30 procedures of hip or knee joint endoprosthesis implantation were conducted at elderly or dependent patients. Within trainings, 17 training sessions for 26 persons were held. 87 medical devices were purchased, including 50 beds with mattresses and bedside cabinets as well as computer equipment and licence for telecare system – 2 items in total.Within the programs and activities with patients action, the following tasks were realized: direct therapeutic help at the place of residence for 803 persons, occupational therapies for 1001 persons,  tele-consultations for 417 persons. In general during the realization of the Project 5366 patients took advantage of the improvement of health service and the real number of them was 3942 persons. A prophylactic program was implemented: prophylactic of the diseases of peripheral joints and spine and some instructions for home exercises for the patients after the hip or knee joint endoprosthesis implantation. The Hospital was extended by a modern building intended for the needs of rehabilitation. All the assumed goals were realized in 100% plus all assumed indices were fulfilled. What was considerably exceeded was the total number of patients benefiting from health services, telecare, direct assistance in their place of residence, occupational therapy, amount of purchased medical equipment and medical staff trained. The project sustainability will be ensured through contracts concluded with the National Health Fund (NFZ), maintenance of the treatment continuance thanks to comprehensive scope of services, implementation of prophylaxis program, distribution of educational materials and booklets, continuation of thematic lectures, teleconsultations and telecare, direct assistance at patient’s home, updating of the website, articles in local press and film projection. Additionally, 1% write-off of eligible expenditures will be created aimed at the maintenance of the project sustainability. Supervision for the sustainability maintenance will be exercised by a dedicated team of workers.


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