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Projekt norweski i EOG - Loga

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through funding from the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area for the period 2009-2014 and the Norway Grants 2009-2014,

Project’s title:

„ Support of the elderly and dependent people by extending the rehabilitation section and purchase of the medical equipment in the District Hospital in Chodzież ”


Obligatory indices and additional indices in the project:

  • Patients taking advantage of improved health services – 4180
  • Infrastructural projects implemented – 1
  • Training sessions for medical personnel – 17
  • People using telemedicine p.a. – 180
  • People using direct help of a therapist in their place of residence p.a. – 180
  • People using occupational therapy p.a. – 480
  • Medical personnel trained – 25
  • Pieces of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment purchased – 58
  • Modernized, rebuilt or extended institutions active in healthcare – 1
  • Purchase of telemedicine equipment and licences – 2
  • Square meters of extended surface – 812.5

Project area:

Better adaptation of healthcare in order to meet the needs of the fast-growing population of chronically-ill and dependent people as well as elderly persons

Training for medical staff:

  • doctors :manula therapy of  Brian Mullig, Ackermann, Cyriax, the PNF’s courses
  • nurses: geriatric course, long-term care, education in diabetes
  • physiotherapists: manula therapy of  Brian Mullig, Ackermann, Cyriax, PNF tranning and PTF accredited tranning

Total ammount trained : at least 25 persons 

About Grant:

  • the grant does not exceed the amount of: 4.830.313,00 zł
  • estimated eligible cost of the project is:6.037.891,00 zł
  • grant will not exceed 80% of the total eligible costs of the final finished project

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